Meet our Players

Meet our Players

Soprano Cornet –

Principal Solo Cornet – George Watts

Solo Cornet – Julie Brown I started with Bideford band when I was about 9 on cornet. I progressed to solo cornet during my time with the band. I then met my husband, Geoff; we married in 1985 and band played at our wedding. We both then left to live in Torquay and I didn’t play for 20 years, while I raised my two boys. I rejoined the band about 10 years ago after Cyril spotted me in Mill Street while the band were Christmas carolling. I now play principal cornet and help train the junior band.

Solo Cornet – Michelle Jeffery-Pearce I started playing at 10 years old in Hartland Town Band, as well as at school. I played until I was 20, and had a break until 30, still playing for Hartland. I joined Bideford Town Band in 2014.

Solo Cornet – Michael Burstow

Repiano Cornet – Sharon Elvins I started learning baritone with the Bideford Town Band when I was 11, moving to cornet at the age of 16. I left the band at the age of 18 to start my career and have children, returning in my 40’s to play Flugel horn with Holsworthy Town Band. I returned to Bideford Band in 2014 playing cornet, and I’m loving every second!

Flugel Horn – Linda Downing

2nd Cornet – Claire Runeckles

2nd Cornet – Kimberley Sherborne

3rd Cornet –

3rd Cornet – Keith Edwards

Solo Horn – Chris Northey Chris hails from Tavistock where he took up piano and brass at an early age. He joined Tavistock Town Band on cornet in 1976 where he played until the band disbanded in the late 1990’s. Chris formed his own brass group which consisted on 15 brass and 6 percussion. The group [Tavistock Rhythm & Brass] benefitted from Chris’s passion to arrange new music and share the joy of contemporary music at every opportunity. The group started the now popular Last Night of the Proms type of concert, each year performing at Sterts Theatre, Upton Cross Bodmin to an packed audience of 350+ people each September. Chris has had strong connections with various orchestra’s, band, groups and theatre companies over the years and played trumpet in a Swing Band for over 20 years. Although now mainly retired from theatre Chris has had the odd character part with Barnstaple’s theatre company playing at the Queen’s Theatre and is currently Chairman of Atlantic Coast Theatre A.C.T. He moved to North Devon in 2015 and has enjoyed playing with a number of local groups. Previously working as a Funeral Director based in South Molton, Chris played cornet and horn with South Molton Town Band. But now newly retired from work he is looking to enjoy music more locally in his now home town of Bideford.

1st Horn – Janet Marshall I first started “banding” as a 14 year old when I was asked to join the City of Derby Youth Band on percussion – not that I’d ever played drums before but I was a clarinettist and didn’t want to give that up for a brass instrument!! Several practices, concert tours and rehearsals later I was invited to join the Senior city of Derby  Band too and continued playing (after a 4 year break for university) until the bands all closed in the late 1990s. Moving to North Devon in 2018 presented the opportunity to start playing again. Initially on percussion I moved to horn when the band restarted  after lockdown. A new challenge and a new experience but one I am really enjoying. Thanks for the opportunity you’ve given me!

2nd Horn – Becky Frisby I started learning as an adult, when I took my young son along to play musical instruments – I thought shakers, bells etc and was told to have a go as well and were both handed a tenor horn to try. Thank you, Cyril! 20 years later, I’m still trying and now Secretary of the Band and enjoying being part of such a great team of people.

1st Baritone – Janet Sherborne

2nd Baritone – Barbara Darch I live in Appledore and I have enjoyed being a member of a band since I joined Torrington at the age of ten in 1953. For over 20 years I have been playing with Bideford Band and have made many friends, and banding remains an important part of my life. One of the highlights of my banding was playing in the Albert Hall London in 1984 for the finals of the fourth section. I not quite a claim to fame, but a wonderful weekend.

Solo Euphonium – Gary Taylor

2nd Euphonium – Chris Marshall I was born in Ashbourne, Derbyshire and moved to Derby at the age of 4. I started playing Euphonium in the final year of primary school playing firstly in the primary school band and then continuing in the secondary school band. In 1975 I started playing 1st Baritone in the Derby Borough Brass Band. Starting work in 1977 I continued to play 1st Baritone in the now renamed City of Derby Band and also the City of Derby Youth Band. I enjoyed several foreign tours with the bands in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada. I met my wife Janet (1st Horn) whilst playing with the Derby Bands. When the Derby band folded in the early 90s I played Euphonium in a local wind band. After taking early retirement and moving to Fremington in 2018 I joined the Bideford band in 2019 initially playing 1st Baritone and then moving to Euphonium.

1st Trombone – Sarah Watts Having spent 5 months learning trombone with BTB at the age of 15, Sarah was recognised by Cyril Pascoe many years later (she must have aged well!). Cyril promptly delivered a trombone to her house later that day and the following week she found herself at training band. Despite her reservations and the gap since last playing, Sarah realised it was something she could still remember how to do and soon joined the senior band on 2nd trombone. Since then she’s never looked back, she enjoys playing more than she expected to and has improved to the extent that she now plays solo trombone. It just goes to show it’s never too late to start again!!

2nd Trombone – Keith Norburn

Bass Trombone – Paul Moulton

E Flat Bass – Tim Watts Tim started playing at the age of 11, having been inspired by his cornet-playing teacher who used to practice in the classroom and blow smoke through his instrument in the process (well it was 1970!). Back then even primary schools had wind bands and Tim soon joined his, on euphonium as he was ‘not the right shape’ to play the cornet. He then joined his secondary school’s wind band and ultimately, due to the attention of the peripatetic brass teacher, the City of Derby (Youth and Senior) Band. Still on euphonium with the occasional foray into baritone playing, he stayed until 1988 when his job took him to Barnstaple. This brought about a lull of about 15 years, with only occasional playing of the euphonium at Christmas, and infrequently at services at his local church in Goodleigh. A chance meeting in 2004 took him to South Molton Town Band where he stayed – having converted to the E Flat Bass – until 2010 when he transferred, still on Bass, to Bideford Town Band. The rest is history!

E Flat Bass – Philip Boardman

B Flat Bass – Steve Clements My family has been associated with the band since I was a child with my sister Jackie playing whilst Mum and Dad were on the committee. I didn’t start to play until 40 years later though following my son who was already playing cornet with the band. I was asked by Cyril (who else) if I fancied playing the bass drum in carnivals as Keith was beginning to struggle carrying it around, and l looked like I had a strong back. That is when I found I was a naturally gifted musician with an ability to whack the drum every time my foot hit the ground, except when Bob waved wildly at me to give a double tap. Obviously astounded by my talent Cyril was soon wanting to stretch me further and asked whether I wanted to try the cornet. So I joined the training band where I learned to read and play music. From here I eventually moved on to the senior band joining the ranks of the back row 3rd cornets. However it soon became apparent that the band was more in need of my strong back than my cadenzas, so that man Cyril suggested moving from the cornet to the Bb bass. So here I am, part of the base of the pyramid holding up the rest of the band. As long as my back holds out!

Bb Bass – Kate Leworthy

Percussion – Geoff Brown I started in the band at 11 yrs old and was taught by Bob Rendle. At the age of 21 I went to St Tropez for a year to play in a blues band. On my return I went to Torquay and played in a function band called Fusion for 6 nights a week. I then got married to Julie and we moved to Torquay. We then had our first son and moved back to Bideford. I carried on playing with local groups and theatre work. I rejoined the band about 10 yrs ago and I also play in the band’s Corps of Drums.