Musical Director

Musical Director

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Originally from the town of Selby in North Yorkshire my playing career started at the age of 7 at the Barlby Hill Top Primary School where I was taught to play by the late Mr Ted Pratt and Mr Andrew Joy. Both gentlemen had great influence on my playing career and I can never thank them enough for the help and encouragement both gave me over the years.

My banding life started at the age of 8 when I joined the York Golden Rail Band. The band were in the 4th section and I slowly moved my way up through the ranks until I eventually moved to the other side of the river to join the Rowntree’s Brass Band on 2nd Cornet at the of 13 and where I have spent the majority of my banding life. I progressed through the ranks until I was given the opportunity to take the Principle cornet seat at the age of 16. I occupied that seat on and off for the next 17 years seeing the band progress through from the 2nd Section to Championship Section. During this 17 years I had several spells playing Soprano when the need required, as well as taking a break to experience banding with Carlton Main Frickley Colliery where I played Flugel and were lucky enough to take part at the Masters and victory at the Grand Shield which saw the band return to the British Open. I also gained the opportunity to play with several other top Yorkshire bands.

In 2013 I moved to Bideford with my wife Sharon and Children James, Thomas and Christopher and was very pleased to start playing with the Bideford Town Band in 2014 after having a year of no playing. Whilst playing is where my heart lies, I could not pass up the opportunity to give conducting a go when the position at the Bideford Town Band became available. Working with the band is very enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.