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This is the first of what we hope will be a monthly article to keep you informed about what the band will be doing over the next few weeks, where you can hear us and how you can get involved!

This month we are competing in the West of England Brass Band Association Finals in Torquay, on March 9th. We are up against 13 other bands in our section (league), playing a technical piece called ‘Stantonbury Festival’. We are hoping to repeat the success of another contest two years ago when we beat 6 other bands to win our section! The photo shows us just prior to competing.

We are also hoping that soon our third album, ‘Spirit of Torridge’ will be on sale. This was recorded in January and we are busy putting the final touches to it for the best sound possible.

Did you know that there has been a brass band in Bideford since 1853? And that virtually every town and village in the South West of England has one? Brass bands certainly aren’t just for Northerners!

We are always on the lookout for both playing and supporting members so if you’d like to get involved with the band in any capacity please get in touch. We are on Facebook, or give Becky a call on 01237 475653.

If you can’t play, why not learn? We have thriving junior and training bands and cater for all ages in fact the age gap between our youngest and oldest players is an amazing 78 years! And we can even lend you an instrument!

For booking enquiries and Band information please contact our bandsecretary@bidefordtownband.co.uk.

Or check out our Facebook page – facebook.com/bidefordtownband